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Biometric Access control systems in Kenya are security devices that control entry to a premise by use of biometric data such as Face, fingerprint, palm print or Iris scan. They can also use code or access card card. Biometric door lock systems utilize finger print reader technology to lock and unlock your door. For Access control systems, you can set, re-set, remove or add the fingerprint access information on the device if and when the need arises. As a leading provider of the Biometric systems in Kenya,our systems are able to register thousands of users and store all logs in the system database. Like other security products, our biometric access control systems can be integrated seamlessly with other systems such as biometric time attendance systems. Our access control systems can be fitted on plain wooden doors, glass doors, steel doors, glass doors with aluminum frames  and bullet proof doors to provide home and commercial security in Kenya

Access Control Systems Nairobi Kenya, Stand Alone Biometric Access control systems in Kenya

Solutions Unlimited has over the years proven to be the market leader in Kenya for biometrics access control solutions. As one of the leading biometrics companies in Kenya, we are suppliers, installers, distributors and dealers of different types of fingerprint solutions. It is standard practice that in most information technology systems, measures such as PIN, passwords, HID, RFID, Mifare swipe cards and keys are used for identity verification and restriction of access. Most biometric installation companies , or trusted access control installers in Kenya  face one major setback with these measures: Users often change, disclose to unauthorized parties or forget them compared to biometric data. The more accurate and reliable method of user identification or verification can be designed around use of biometric data. Our access control systems are best used with intercom systems that enable the users to speak with guests and even see them before they are allowed entry.

The different types of locks available at our premises for our clients include Bolt Locks, Magnetic Locks, Strike locks, Hotel door locks and Glass door locks for swinging and sliding doors. Solutions unlimited, a leading Biometric systems supplier and distributor in Kenya supplies and installs fingerprint scanners that offer a better identification technique when compared to traditional PIN-based and password techniques for the below reasons:

  • The person requiring identification or verification has to be physically present during the scanning process
  • Biometric methods of identification eliminate the need of carrying a verification token or recalling a password.

At Solutions unlimited, we advice our clients on the importance of access control systems for their businesses and the reasons for installing a Fingerprint door lock and how it improves their businesses. We are authorized dealers of in devices from internationally known brands such as Secugen, ZK teco, Digital Persona, Suprema, Invixium, Fingertec, Idemia’s Safran Morpho among others. Our  products and services are available in Malindi, Thika, Meru, Nairobi, Kisumu,Naivasha, Mombasa, Eldoret, Busia, Kisii, Nakuru, Nanyuki, Kericho,Namanga,Malaba, Nakuru,and other major towns. You can also visit our offices for Access control in Kenya.


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